RFID and Automatic Workflows

To gain full benefits from object identification, we must pay attention to the word “Automatic”. This is how we make it automatic using RFID.

Detection and Tracking

The first step – when RFID does it job by detecting and tracking the statuses of objects automatically. Here is what we will know about the world around us.

  • One thousand of items are being loaded into the Warehouse 1.
  • This document is moving together with Miss Sara.
  • This shirt is just moved into the Room 2. So are these shoes.
  • Mr. David is just walking passed the Gate 3.

Location and Control

The second step – when data captured by RFID is further proceeded, we will be able understand them in a specific context. As a result, we are equipped with a tool to answer the following questions promptly.

  • In the Room 2, how many Grey T-Shirt for female do we have?
  • Where can I find three printers and two laptops from?
  • What is missing from this corner of Shelf 3?
  • What books are misplaced?
  • Who is now standing the closest to the Room 2?
  • Who is walking toward a restricted zone?

Analysis and Prediction

The last step – when RFID acts as an enabler to help us build a network of information that can be fed into analysis and prediction algorithms. We can see and understand even more profound situations.

  • What kind of shirts is the best seller last week?
  • What is the trend of numbers of visitors at the Branch 5 compared with last month?
  • How many items should I keep in stock?
  • What is the average age of all items in this store?
  • If my customer like this item, what else should I recommend her to buy more?
  • Which car is the most used?

The three levels of benefits we can potentially gain from adopting RFID. Starting from detecting and tracking the objects. Then we gather, process and transform the data into information. Last, we leverage a deep business knowledge from massive amount of information created by RFID every minute.

The most important thing for this is imagination. If we can think about it, we can do it. Just like what I imagine how this world can be better with tracking in my next post.

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