Who We Are

We are not just software developers but system analysts, system designers, system testers, project managers, instructors, readers, bloggers, footballers, climbers, travelers, guitarists, photographers and above all hard-workers. Together, we are a small group of professionals with very diverse expertise. We always bring a unique perspective to everything we think and do.

Piyorot P.


Steve H.


Chairat T.

Front-End Engineer

Kovit K.

Back-End Engineer

Inthentic is founded with a strong and dedicated purpose to

“help you build sustainable businesses through technology and software. In the same time, be a good and inspiring role model for this community.”

Our nearly a hundred year of combined experience in this industry together with our authenticity, we are ready and capable of bringing to you a unique and disruptive ideas on how to effectively adopt software and technology to address your current challenges.

You Are Right At The Center

A collective experience gives us a clear picture that above all, it is human, relationship and craftsmanship. We never see software as the beginning and end result but it’s you. You are at the center of the whole journey. That’s why we always


spend more time to analyze business requirements that make sense.


put more effort to think about system and solution design that is adaptive and will last.


work hard to build high quality software that help you overcome the challenges.


coordinate with you regularly to respond to ever-changing needs and challenges.

And we remind ourselves that it’s not


just software, but also business goals and customer satisfaction.


just aesthetic values, but also simplicity and smooth user experience.


just cutting-edge technologies, but also solid and flexible architecture.


just speed, but also high quality software and great customer service.

We always stick with those eight principles to make sure that we really understand who you are, what challenges you have, and how you envision the world. Then build on top of that, we use our knowledge and experiences to offer disruptive ways to utilize technology to achieve your business objectives.

We Give Back.

“Community” is a big and meaningful word. We all are part of it. We all are responsible for making it better. And this is one of our missions. This is a reason why we blog to share experience and perspective, write free ebooks to share knowledge, arrange free seminars to express new ideas and beliefs, and provide free consultancy service about software development practices to those in need. All of this happen and will continue to happen because we believe that at the end, it is not about reputation, income, or profit but it is the right thing to do. It makes us proud because we do something that is bigger than our company and ourselves.

We hope to get to know you in person.