Track everything with Silica

It keeps an eye on all your assets inside or outside your building. With our proprietary detection system, you will know every movement of everything in real-time. It helps you increase productivity, reduce cost and save your time.

How Does Silica Work?

We build a sophisticated software to make your life easier. With three levels of detection and calculation, we help you see real-time information, ask the right questions and give you the right and answers promptly.

1. Detection and Tracking

The lowest level continuously detects and reports to you a status of your assets. This printer is in the area 1. This document is moving. That shirt is just came into the room 2 together with 2 pairs of shoes. Mr. John is walking into the meeting room 2.

2. Location and Control

With real time information sent from the objects, you have a complete knowledge of your assets. How many shirts are in the room 2? Where can I find 3 printers and 2 computers? Who is the closest to the exit 1? Who is walking into a restricted zone?

3. Analysis and Prediction

The top layer collects all current and historical information and analyze them to help you answer critical questions like these. How many shirts did I sell yesterday? How many documents did I sent this week compared to last week?

What Are The Applications?

There are many businesses and industries that can gain benefit from using Silica. If you have assets to track (which we believe you have plenty), we can help you do that in the most efficient way. One centralized system for all your assets.

Silica Linen

Some hospitals start to reap benefit deploying Silica Linen. They can keep track of all linens used in the hospital. They streamline the process from a linen warehouse to wards, clinics, dirty rooms and to a laundry vendor. Result? They save a lot of money by reducing labor cost and effort in tracking their linens. They reduce an out-of-stock problem and linen losses significantly.

What Is So Great About Silica?

Silica is not just a software. It is a complete solution that thoughtfully blends between great hardware sets, easy to use software and clean working processes. We design and build it to be very efficient and reliable in the same time.

One System for All Assets

We create a unified system to track everything you want. No more complicated workflows. No more scattered data. We give you single infrastructure, single experience and centralized and reliable information.

Best In Class Tags

We have a wide variety of tags that fit your specific needs. From sticker, to card, to wristband, to laundry, to metal, and even a tag for putting in a concrete floor. One thing they have in common? — They are best in class from world class manufacturers.

Highest Quality Hardware

Like we pick the best tags, readers and antennas are as important. That is why we only choose to work with highest quality hardware. A reader that can read up to 400 tags in one cycle and an antenna that can amplify radio signals up to 7 meters.

Flexible Deployment

Because we know no one has the same needs, so we make sure our solution is highly configurable. If you need three scanning stations, we can do that. If you need only one gate detection, we can also do that.

Modern Web Application

Our solution is based on web technologies. What is good it that? Well, you can access it from any computer under your network, no installation required, upgrade done automatically. Not only that, we put some beauty in it too.

Hand Free Operations

People always forget. Human errors are hard to prevent. That is why we create a smart algorithm based around radio theories to automatically detect movements, and directions of your asset without user intervention. We interpret them into meaningful actions like check-in, and check-out.

Offline Mode Support

Incidents happen all the time. Don’t be afraid if your servers are down and the whole system will stop. We build in an Offline mode into our software to specifically handle this failure. Even if your servers are down, your system can still run. All data will be saved to a local database and automatically synced back once your servers are up.

Build for Big Data

Nowadays data is asset. We build this software to make sure that we can capture as much data as possible for future uses. Our software applies a new way of storing data in a graph form — just like Facebook and Google do. You need Big Data, we can provide it for you.

Machine Learning Ready

How will your life change if your software can learn? A lot — in a better way of course. We prepare a way to utilize big data you have to make our software smarter everyday. We detect asset movement patterns. We predict daily demands and usages. We adjust sales plans for you. Machine learning is the future and you have it now.