Manage your linen stock intelligently. Reduce cost, time and losses.

Know every movement of your linens from store rooms to operating areas to branches to laundry factories. Track usage and predict future demand with ease. Get notified when critical events happen.

System Deployment

We design the system to be so flexible that you have many deployment options to choose from.


It is where you store your clean linens, which you distribute them out to operating areas. We install a high performance RFID reader set to handle a huge load of linens coming in and out. Together with a touchscreen computer, your operations can be done in a smooth way.

Dirty Room

It is where your used linens rest and ready for laundry by either internally or external vendors. Just like the Warehouse, we choose to use the same set of hardware to help you quickly count and deliver 200+ linens at a time.

Operating Areas

They can be wards, clinics, or storefronts, where your linens are used. We have a small RFID reader set that can get the job done nicely. Checking and out linens through the day is done quickly with a touchscreen or with our automatic tracking module. Learn more about Silica Flow


They are entrances around your building. We put an integrated RFID reader that provides a linear polarization signal to cover your areas of interest. It can notify you when a suspicious activity is detected.


We also provide you an access to a comprehensive admin tool via a web interface. It is where you control everything in the system, like settings, dashboards, and reports. It can show your real-time information and events happening everywhere under Silica Linen.

Mobile App

Silica Linen is available on your mobile phone too. We extend a capability and mobility to Silica Linen with a mobile app that helps you run a stock count very easily, find a specific item quickly and keep track of every critical events in real-time.

Main Features

Every part of the system links together to provide a nice set of features. From Batch Check In / Check Out that saves you tons of time and effort to Tracking Linens that helps you identify how many lines are with the laundry vendor.

Batch Check In / Check Out

Silica Linen scan a lot of linens all at once. It categorizes linen types automatically and report on the screen with accumulated amounts. Check In and check out can be done in under a minute.

Real Time Monitoring

Silica Linen collects all information from all locations and show them on one screen. You will get notified instantly when a stock at a particular location is running low.

Detailed Status Screen

Silica Linen shows in an easy to digest way the detailed information from each location. You will see clearly what linens and how many of them are at this location, plus a nice graph to show the usage from the last 12 hours.

Linen Activity View

Silica Linen presents in a stacked chart form daily activity of all linens. How many of them are check in, check out and sent to a laundry vendor. You can see a monthly trend along with some analytic numbers from here.

Laundry Tracking Page

Silica Linen calculates for you how many linens are being washed at a laundry factory. It can set an alert on those that stay with a vendor for too long. You can then communicate to the vendor to accelerate the washing process more precisely.

Inventory Report

Silica Linen supports an on-demand report inventory report generation. This report shows you how many linens you currently have. It groups them into statuses for example, New, Obsoleted, and Missing to help you have a clearer picture of the inventory movement.

Feature List

See what else you can get from using Silica Linen.

Unlimited Tags

Have as many tags as you want for linens and staff ID cards

Unlimited Linen Types

Group your linen categories, and types the way you want to help you manage them easily

Hand Free Operation

Get help from the Hand Free Operation to streamline the process and prevent human errors

Real Time Dashboard

Keep your eyes on what is happening with your linens in real time from one screen

Par Values

Set up par values for your operating areas to make sure you can proactively manage your stock

History and Timeline

Trace back to see every moment that occurs with every of your linens

Multiple Reports

Generate various types of reports from stock report, to usage report and vendor performance report

Data Export

Pull out system data in a csv format and import them to other systems of your choices

User and Permission

Define your own permission schemes to control who can do what for the whole system

Active Directory

Get started quickly by connecting Silica Linen to your Active Directory in order to sync and control user profiles

Offline Mode

Prevent data loss while servers down with Offline Mode that helps provide 24 x 7 operation

Thai Language

Make it easier for Thai staff to get on board with the system with a switching language option